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Hardware & Software

Haier’s productions include computer. The company utilizes sophisticated hardware and software to keep up with their demanding business tasks. Their hardware includes a combination of input devices, output devices, storage, processing, telecommunications, and connecting devices. Specific hardware used include: personal computers and notebooks, mouse and keyboard, modems, video cards, and routers.
Haier uses both application and system software to efficiently execute the instructions performed by the hardware. System software is Windows Vista. Application software used includes Word processing & Spreadsheet software provided by Microsoft. Graphics software, communications software, and presentation software are also a few other application software used by Haier.
Haier takes advantage of several types of computers to perform business operations. These computers include: PDA’s, Notebooks, Desktop Computers, and Mainframes. They use mainframes for their critical applications such as bulky data processing, transaction processing, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), and consumer/industry statistics.

Their Data Administrator is responsible for the IT related issues and provides security privileges for staff and customers. The department is overseen by the CIO (Chief Information Officer) Haiqin Xie. Haier's unique philosophy has merged the business experience of East and West to become an international model of corporate management. And there are some models like OEC approach, the “Ball-on-Slope” theory, the “Active Shocked Fish” theory, market chain management, individual-goal combination management system.

Haier conducts its business with the public over the Internet. Users create an account through Haier’s web page and choose a username and password. The user must log in when they wish to place orders, upload photos, or make payments. The web page is user-friendly and professional.
The internal network at Haier includes a series of switched network LANs and WANs. The different LANs are designated for the different aspects of the business. The switched system ensures that information reaches its designated destination rather than all computers on the network. It also ensures efficient operation of the network in that multiple sets of information can be exchanged at the same time. Haier follows the distributed presentation client/server software model. Haier’s server handles almost all functions including data management and logic, while the client (customer) uploads their photos and enters order and payment information.
LAN is the network that covers a building or buildings in close proximity. Haier uses the LAN to connect their every office and every building together.WAN is the network serving areas or buildings not in immediate proximity to each other. Because Haier is a large company, it need to uses WAN to connect networks at different locations around a city, or in different cities across a province, or even the entire world.

Internet Connection
Haier uses Routers as connection. Routers connect together separate networks of computers, unlike hubs and switches that connect individual computers. As we know, Haier is a large company, it uses not only one router, and also uses hub and switch, and several routers. Haier also uses Voice over IP on washing machine, Wrist Automatic Electronic Blood Pressure Monitor, computer, cellphone. For example, Haier XQSB60-928 uses a voice-navigation feature, your every work can be its clear voice prompts, is very convenient.

Haier is committed to protecting your privacy on the Internet. Confidentiality and availability are focused on more so than authenticity and integrity, though they are important as well. When it comes to consumer data collected electronically, Haier Group will provide notice, choice, access and security in ways described below. In general, customers can visit Haier Group on the World Wide Web without having to reveal any personal information that you do not want to disclose. Their web servers collect domain names and not the e-mail addresses. This information may be aggregated on a "no names" basis just to measure the number of visits, average time spent on the site, or pages viewed. Their web servers also seek (as many Web sites do) to place a "cookie" (a small data file) on your computer's hard drive which allows the server to recognize the computer when it visits again. This helps track statistical information about navigation through our site. This cookie is not used to obtain your name or any personal data, and the information that is tracked is used only for internal purposes, such as to improve site navigation. Haier Group uses these data to measure the usage of, and improve the content of their sites. In an effort to make your visit both efficient and safe, all transfers of personal information via this site meet Haier Group rigorous Internet security standards. Occasionally, our site may contain electronic links to other sites. In case you choose to go to those sites, their own privacy policy and privacy preferences will apply.

Logging In
Haier’s domain name is Users go to this site to know Haier’s news, products, service.

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