Friday, October 16, 2009

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Haier is the fourth largest goods manufacturer and global consumer in electronic maker in today world. In 2008 they were ranked the 18th top 50 consumer electronic brand. They were also ranked in 2008-2009 the first for the third time in a row the top brand from china. These rankings consist of the entire leading consumer electronic brand from the four areas of North America, West Europe, Japan, Korea and China. This situation where by all the candidates will be assessed by people through online voting on TWICE’s global network of websites and at the end of the voting the final assessment will be made by expert from famous international enterprises. The expert will then show a clear concept of globalization and a strong desire to go global, and have detail strategies for their brands to develop in overseas market. Other criteria include global sales, achievement and the brand awareness. In 1999 Haier campaign there product with a three-in-one strategy: complete localization of design, manufacture and marketing. They now successfully provide high quality and energy efficient home appliances that are designed and manufactured in facilities all over the world, to over 160 countries.

In 2006, they focus on building a global recognized brand that competes with other electronics leaders. They achieve these goals by providing quality home appliances and energy product. According to the article the ranking of the global top 50 really encourage them to continue to globalize there strategy and bring home appliances and consumer electronics to people all over the world.

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