Monday, November 23, 2009


 Haier is a successful provider of integrated home appliances, meeting the needs of global consumers through continuous innovation. Haier’s business includes the following six units: white goods, brown goods, client solution business, equipment components manufacturing group, retailing and finance.
 Haier will continue to develop grasps, namely any place all pays attention at any time deals with the good three relations. First is the inactivity and the promising relations, second is the relations which the key breakthrough and the closed loop optimizes, third is hundred meters sprints and runs the marathon relations.
 It succeeds three treasures: the dream, the brand (Haier is in our country enterprise most takes the brand, the implementation brand strategy most has the achievement the enterprise. Haier implements the name brand strategy early, most consistent most), the organized group (take Zhang Ruimin, Yang Mianmian as head management organized group, is crucial factor which Haier succeeds, this point already does not need to prove).

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